My name is Paul. I’m an engineer. Engineering school forces us to become critical thinkers, analyzing problems with as much data and as little emotion as possible. At this point, I LOVE numbers. I pop open a new Excel file every time I want to calculate something, no matter how small or simple. I track all family expenses in Excel. I calculate prime sequences in Excel. Other engineers know what I’m talking about – plan a trip with an engineer, and you will find an Excel spreadsheet detailing the trip. My love for numbers extends to controversial discussions as well, such as taxes, politics, income and others.

In these topics, there is a lot of garbage floating around on the internet. Outlandish claims are made without ration to support ones point of view, instead of using facts to develop those views. Behind those claims are strong emotions. It is difficult to counter emotional arguments – except with math. Math doesn’t lie.

Through discussion of such controversial topics, I hope to present a viewpoint based only on the math of the situation. No emotion, no lies, no intentional deception. I’m not an economist. I’m not a politician or political scientist. If you see an area where the math is wrong, tell me! However, if you simply disagree with the viewpoint supported by the math, I challenge you to look at it with an open mind. If you still disagree, counter it with logic & data.

Thanks for listening.